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Our concrete contractors not only specialize in all of your concrete needs, but they also provide the best decorative brick masonry services in Fayetteville & surrounding areas. Brick is a great alternative for many things around your home, and gives a certain structural integrity aspect. Starting from the bottom up, our brick masonry contractors can build a strong foundation for your home. This will help your home last for years to come while knowing it’s structure is sturdy. Another thing every home needs, is a mailbox. A decorative brick mailbox can not only add style to your home, but it can withstand a lot more than a plastic one. So, give our brick masonry contractors a call today to get started on your next decorative brick project.

Outdoor Living Contractor

Your outdoor living space is somewhere you can gather with family and friends or relax with a cup of coffee and a book. Either way, our brick masonry contractors are able to add extra style to your space. A decorative brick outdoor kitchen provides the perfect area for everyone to gather and enjoy the weather, while having a cookout. This also allows everyone to be outside enjoying the company, instead of one person stuck inside in the kitchen. Our brick masonry contractors follow the best installation protocols, which means they will finish off your outdoor kitchen with a beautiful brick trim. You can even complete the design of your new outdoor living space with a brick flower bed to add color and aroma for you and your guests to enjoy.

Decorative Stone & Hardscapes

Our outdoor living contractors are able to provide decorative brick & stone for all of your hardscape needs around the house. A retaining wall is very important to have to help prevent flooding in areas, and help keep excess moisture out of where it’s not wanted. Our decorative brick masonry service allows your new brick retaining wall to match your home so that it is aesthetically pleasing instead of an eyesore. We are even able to create beautiful brick archways leading out to your outdoor living space or leading into the entrance of your home. Complete the look with brick columns, and your home makeover is complete!

Brick Veneer Benefits

Brick veneer is a great alternative to solid masonry for your home. It differs from solid masonry by making a wooden frame hold the house up instead of just the brick masonry. The veneer provides the benefit of extra insulation from the air space between the brick veneer and the wood frame. This air space also helps with moisture control during heavy rain. Brick veneer is very durable & requires little maintenance, while providing your home with great style. Call our brick masonry contractors today to quickly & efficiently install a stylish alternative for your home that is very affordable.

Stone & Brick Pavers

Have you been wanting to add style and a unique design to the outside of your home or office? Brick pavers can accomplish this! Pavers are available in brick & stone, different sizes, & an array of colors. This allows you to custom design your patio, sidewalk, stairs, and more! Brick pavers provide a quick installation turn around, and a long life of durability and strength. Call our brick masonry contractors today for a free quote, and to learn more about our brick masonry services that we offer.

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